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Event Florist
Chicago | Milwaukee

From when we sit down to explore how your wedding or event is going to look to when we execute each detail, we carefully curate every component. We use high-end flowers such as organically-grown garden roses, and source local and seasonal whenever possible. We also love to add a touch of the unexpected!

"As an Event Designer and FLORIST we are fiercely committed to our craft. your wedding and Event details matter to us!"

Our Approach

your excellent taste

 + Your venue 
 + Our unique mix of flowers
 + a sophisticated color palette
 + Our curated tabletop decor

 = transformative floral & event design

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As the capstone to our design process, your designer creates the key design items of your wedding day in color. We think it’s important for you to be able to visualize the look and feel of all the elements working together. Every design service couple receives two to four mock ups of items such as the ceremony arbor, dessert display, and dining tables. 

Mockup Designs


And so is ours. If we are not a good fit, we'll tell you! We will also suggest someone who is more in line with your wedding day or event goals. 

For our design clients, we do the sourcing of rentals and various vendors for you as a part of our process. We narrow things down, and then make recommendations that fit your style, design, and budget.

Your time is valuable

Period. It doesn't matter who you love, we'll be there as long as we have availability and our design style is a good fit. We work with all people regardless of sexual orientation, race, and religion.

Love is love.


Refined simplicity. We use high end materials and product while
while remaining approachable within our style and communication.

Approachable design


Our style mimics what is found in its natural habitat and paired with sophisticated textures, fabrics, metals, ceramics, and more.

Our Signature Style


WHAT MAKES US Different:

We work with your planning team so they can give undivided attention to the logistics of the day. We believe design goes beyond the flowers. Design elements are thoughtfully planned and executed. Incorporating your personal style and aesthetic. We don’t want any part of your wedding day to be compromised. We work in tandem with your planner or coordinator to make sure your event is beautiful and smooth-running.



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